Roof Replacements

When Do You Need To Replace Your Roof

Roofs and roofing materials are designed and built to last at least 20 years in most cases. Sometimes roofs just need to be replaced because they have reached their full life span and are visibly old and worn. If you live in a neighborhood where many of the homes were built at the same time and you notice your neighbors replacing their roofs, there is a good indication yours is due soon. Thank your good roof for sheltering you for this long and get a really good quote from our experts now, before your roof fails, resulting in interior damage on top of other expenses.
A good rule of thumb is if you see that the roof just looks tired, old and worn, it’s time for an expert to examine and provide a quote. You might see bald spots or cracks. Sometimes you’ll see dark stains or streaks where algae has taken hold. Moss might be another visible indication it’s time to get an inspection.
It doesn’t hurt to have a professional take a look and give you an honest timeline of what to work on now, what to plan for soon and how much it will cost.

Roof Types

Our team at Deschutes Roofing is experienced working with all manner of residential and commercial roofs so you can feel assured you will be talking with an expert who can advise the best next steps for the longevity of your roof. We install composition shingle, metal, and flat membrane roofs.

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