Professional Roof Maintenance, Do’s and Don’ts

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Replacing a roof can be an expensive endeavor. And so it’s a good idea to perform a little maintenance from time to time to maximize its longevity. With the right care, many roofs can last 30 years or more.

Take a look at some of this professional roof maintenance advice.

DO Prune Nearby Trees

Because of their height, surrounding trees present a risk to your roof. During a high wind or a storm, branches can fall from trees, land on your roof, and cause damage. In extreme circumstances, trees can fall over, crashing into your roof from above.

But the threat from trees is usually much more mundane. Overhanging trees regularly shed small twigs which can get stuck in the roof and the guttering. Furthermore, trees can also foster the growth of mold and algae by causing a buildup of water and blockages in the guttering, damaging the surrounding materials.

To reduce the threat of nearby trees, prune them regularly or remove them entirely.

DON’T Take On Major Roof Repairs Yourself

Repairing a roof is a job best left to commercial roof maintenance experts. Not only is it a sophisticated process, but it’s also dangerous without the right safety precautions. If your roof has suffered significant damage, get in touch with professionals today.

DO Remove Debris From Your Gutters

As discussed above, it’s essential to keep your gutters free from debris. Debris stops gutters from working, potentially leading to damp issues in both the roof and foundations. You don’t have to clean out gutters often: twice per year will suffice.

DON’T Wait If You Need Repairs

Although you might be tempted to leave it, roof maintenance isn’t something that can wait. Once you’ve identified a problem, you need to fix it immediately – otherwise, it’ll cost you further down the road.

Leaks can be costly. They cause damp spots which lead to mold buildup and potential health hazards to your family. Leaks can also be a route through which critters such as termites and cockroaches get into your home.

Gaps in roof coverage, especially on certain types of roof, are another major problem. An important part of both shingle roof maintenance,  metal roof maintenance, and flat roof maintenance is replacing sections of destroyed roof with new ones. The new roofing sections prevent additional damage to the surrounding material during high winds or rain.

DO Treat Your Roof As An Investment

In general, people don’t want to spend a lot of money maintaining their roofs. But choosing cheaper solutions might not be a good idea: you could be storing up problems for the future. If possible, select roofing repair and maintenance solutions that will stand the test of time and won’t let you down a year or two from now.

DON’T Ignore Problem Areas

The areas around chimneys, skylights, and vents are particularly prone to weathering and damage. If they’re damaged, don’t ignore them: the problem will only get worse. Get professional assistance and solve the problem today. If you’d like to request a roof inspection or need roof repair call Deschutes Roofing at (800)-788-4215

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