Risks Of Weather Damage

Before we discuss the risks of inclement weather to your roof, we should point out that one of the greatest risks is an unqualified home owner or business owner attempting to access a roof they are unfamiliar with when coupled with this kind of weather. That gorgeous blanket of snow may be hiding unknown hazards and dangers beyond your scope. Call Deschutes Roofing instead, so we can perform a quick analysis on the impact the weather has had, or is having, on your roof. Don’t take the risk of walking around on a roof if you’re not familiar with where the skylights are, where the conduits might be, or where there is a secret patch of ice under that glistening snow.

Furthermore, even if you feel confident you know your roof, you don’t know the erratic winds and weather that might take you by surprise while up there.

The snowload on your roof might be more than the engineer planned for when designing your house. Roofs collapse all the time. So take it from us, let an expert get up there and assess the situation.

Our Ice Dam Removal Process

Understandably, homeowners often feel like the wise thing to do is get up on their roof and remove snow with a shovel or rake. While this is practical thinking, it can also be dangerous. We on the other hand use a special steam machine made for ice dam removal and using any other method will damage a roof.

steam ice dam removalOur Ice Dam Removal team at Deschutes Roofing has all the equipment and trained personnel to remove snow, ice dams and more, from your compromised roof. If your roof has experienced 6 inches of snow or more and it’s sticking, it’s time to call Deschutes Roofing. This is because ice dams may develop and cause irreparable damage to your roof as they back up. An ice dam is a collection of ice that forms around the edge of your roof and is so solid that the snow on your roof can’t readily drain off. Effectively causing a ‘dam’. Not only does that mean your roof will have an undue snow burden on it that can’t drain, causing roof collapse or leaking, the water that collects behind the dam can leak into your house and cause interior damage.

Deschutes Roofing is an Ice Dam Specialist and has expertise and equipment to remove ice dams without causing further damage to your roof. Saving you thousands of dollars in repairs internally and to your roof.

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