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Deschutes Roofing is the company to rely on for commercial roofing. Let’s just start with safety! We know safety and we adhere to all OSHA regulations, create designated walkways and minimize any dragging and damage to roofs. We strongly encourage spring and fall inspections of your roof but will also be available at any time your roof shows signs of wear or damage. While you may feel confident inspecting your commercial roof after inclement weather, storms or debris issues… it is always advised to call our team in for a quick inspection to ensure the longevity and reliability of your roof. We offer maintenance plans that provide ease of mind over the seasons. And of course, any roof we install comes with warranties and a full set of terms and conditions so you are fully aware of what is covered.

Having a reliable on-call team such as Deschutes Roofing for your commercial roof, keeps your tenants, your business and your property managers feeling safe and secure.

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